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Totally Teen Travel is dedicated to helping teens enjoy themselves while away from home!

There is a ton of fun and excitement to be had throughout the world- even with no beaches, wifi or theme parks nearby!

As a high school teacher, former exchange student, travel agent, and mom to two teens, I aim to help young people find appealing attractions and discussing all sorts of travel possibilities they can get into.

Fasten your seatbelt, relax, and let’s talk Totally Teen Travel!



“We have to go where again?”

“Is there anything fun to do there?”

“I’m so bored!  I just wanna go home.”


Teenager on vacation
Have a blast – wherever you are!
Vacation time.  Blessed, blessed vacation time.
We parents may dream of toting the kiddos to the nearest theme park, or camping out in a quiet forest glade.


Awesome!  But many teens can get jaded about another year with the Mouse who Shall Not Be Named.   Camping?  Um, ok… is there any wifi in the woods?
As great as it is to choose where you want to go… sometimes a family has no other choice but to visit one destination in particular.  Maybe you plan to bring the older kids with you on a business trip.  Perhaps grandma, living 2000 miles away, expects you to spend your precious vacation days hanging out and poring over scrapbooks.

I get it!  I really do!

Teenagers in the woods
No Minecraft out here, mom.
This has been our vacation conundrum for years now.  We – my husband and I — love grandma and could happily pore over those scrapbooks with her for days on end.  But our growing kids?  They show so little enthusiasm for anything on the road to adulthood.  Vacation and travel time is such a precious commodity, however.  Why not provoke a smidge of excitement while traveling with your teen before they travel – away from the nest — for good?

Our goal

Our goal with Totally Teen Travel is to provide a quick review of travel destinations and share with you the highlights that will make a trip for you and your teen an unforgettable one.
Simply click on the destination of your choice from the selection listed under U.S. Travel Destinations in the menu, above.   I talk about foreign travel possibilities (being an exchange student, au pair, and much more) under the World Travel Ideas heading.  Destination not listed?  Stay tuned!
We welcome your questions and feedback.  Please contact us and let us know what we can do to make your teen travel totally unforgettable!

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