Seven Top-Rated Road Trip Activities for Teens

Boring road trip coming up?  Not if I have anything to say about it!  (And I do!  Read on!)

Airline seatback entertainment
Fun aircraft seatback entertainment

Flying from Dallas to Atlanta?  Sailing from Memphis to Cincinnati?  Summer vacations are all about the road trip.  Even flying to a fun destination necessitates getting from point A to point B via car, train, donkey, or rowboat!

Enduring the time spent to get to your ultimate vacation spot can cause much joy or much frustration for you, but especially for your teens.  The electronic babysitters game gadgets you’ve relied upon for years may let you and your family down if they run out of juice in the middle of a lengthy voyage.

board game road trip

Under the circumstances, you’ll want to be sure to bring something analog to keep your youngster entertained.  But we’re talking about teens, here.  They’ve been enjoying their highly interactive digital treats for years!  How in the world will anything non-electronic do?

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