Fido Fabulous: Learn How To Successfully Housesit Abroad! (Updated)

Accommodations away from home comprise some of the priciest expenses you’ll encounter when traveling.  Can’t afford a hotel?  Usually, that means you can’t afford a vacation.  If your plans to travel internationally are flexible, and you can prove you’re a responsible person, have I got an incredible suggestion for you!

Fido Fabulous Housesitting Abroad

Homeowners around the world are looking for mature, responsible house sitters to care for their property in exchange for free accommodations.  And what accommodations they are.  As just a few examples of the housesitting availability “situations” that come up on my social media feeds over the last several months, I am seeing gorgeous suburban mansions with refreshing swimming pools, luxury townhouses in the middle of vivacious London, and even a breathtaking hillside Swiss chalet.  The possibilities are endless!

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Get Your Feet Wet! Start Teaching English With No Experience or Training

In An Introduction to Teaching English Abroad, I gave readers a broad overview into becoming a traveling English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor.  It’s a fun and profitable way for young, and not so young, people to see the world!  You work where you want and teach who you want.  Your work will pay enough to cover basic living expenses, although in some locales lucky ESL teachers are able to sock away a significant sum of money.

I always encourage readers to do their research into the infinite possibilities!  One thing you will have found perusing the job boards is that some schools will pay your transportation to the location, maybe help with accommodations… that kind of thing.  These are serious expenses that you should take into account when you make the decision to teach abroad.

Financial Considerations to Ponder

Wallet Teaching English with no Experience or Training

What about the myriad other expenses you won’t get reimbursed for, though?  Obtaining a passport will cost over a hundred dollars.  Any required visa?  You will probably have to pay for that, and they aren’t cheap, either.  What kind of wardrobe will you need given the climate (political and/or religious, not just temperature) you are headed to?  How will your in-country transportation be taken care of?  Will you be able to, you know, eat?  And when you have the time to travel around the area, will you have enough savings to enjoy yourself?

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Terra Incognita No More – Come Work in Australia!

Australians take their tender years very seriously.  About one in four secondary school graduates postpones entering college and participates instead in a gap year, which often involves foreign travel. Their government encourages youth to spend time volunteering overseas.  According to their website, “At any one time there are about one million Australians living and working overseas.”  Australia, which upon its discovery was deemed Terra Australis Incognita, took little time to overcome its relative isolation.   “Incognita” no more, it was important to make a name for itself and get along well with other peoples.

As part of its drive to welcome intercultural diversity, it’s hardly surprising that The Land Down Under encourages youth from other countries to stop by.  Ambassadors up to the age of 30 are welcome to hang an entire year on the island continent.  After all, who would realistically fly halfway around the world to spend a mere four-day weekend in the large and beautiful land of Oz?

Kangaroo Australia
You think you’ll ever leave, punk?

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