Let Italy Melt Your Heart for Art!  Arts Study Abroad

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Passionate about the Arts and Humanities?  Care to spend a summer in magnificent Italy with several like-minded high school and college students?  Check out Spoleto Study Abroad, a unique, inspiring study abroad program for Youth dedicated to the Arts!

Vocal and Chamber Musicians, along with Photographers, Visual Artists, Moviemakers, Drama Enthusiasts and Creative Writers, are invited to spend a three-week summer cultural and educational whirlwind in central Italy’s historic community of Spoleto.  2018 marks the program’s 20th year sharing the superlative cultural treasures of Italy with promising young artistes.

Arts Study Abroad

Inspiring Location

According to author and poet Herman Hesse, “Spoleto is the most beautiful discovery I made in Italy […], there is such a wealth of beauty almost unknown, mountains, valleys, forests of oaks, monasteries, waterfalls! “

In addition to the incredible scenery, the village boasts a heritage dating back to prehistory.  It sits upon a central Italian hilltop, bordered by one of those trademark Roman defensive city walls.

Application Requirements

This confluence of scenic beauty, continuous history and cultural treasures presents a flawless backdrop for serious artistic study.   Accordingly, one requirement of participation in Spoleto Study Abroad is proof of proficiency in the area of study pursued.  In addition to a portfolio or audition, applicants between the ages of 15-19 will need to submit typed letters of recommendation.  There is no foreign language proficiency requirement.

Spoleto, Italy, home of Spoleto Study Abroad

What You’ll Do

As a participant in Spoleto Study Abroad, you will get in-depth training in your chosen artistic discipline from highly accomplished instructors.  Never fear, though: you’ll still have plenty of time to fully explore the breathtaking scenery enveloping you in Spoleto.  You’ll also visit regional Italian cultural strongholds such as Florence, Assisi and Siena.  You’ll stay in a beautifully renovated medieval convent, and you’ll enjoy divine Italian cuisine daily with fellow students, staff and faculty.  Gelato, anyone?

Vintage poster of Assisi Arts Study Abroad

The Spoleto Summer Abroad tuition fee for 2018, at the time of this publication, is over $6,000, and does not include airfare to Rome, passport or transportation insurance.  For more information about this fantastic study abroad opportunity, please visit the website.  Let Italy inspire you!

Arts Study Abroad

What do you do, or where would you go, in the summer, to nurture your talents and abilities?  Tell me in the comments!

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  1. There are so many things to learn abroad other than the language. The food, culture and customs. I would encourage my kids to do this once they’re older

  2. I would love to visit Italy someday. I am a HUGE fan of architecture of historical towns and buildings, and from what I can tell Italy offers a lot to explore!

  3. My sister in law did something similar- in Italy and it was life changing for her! She also fell in love with Gelato, and then a little later, my brother! lol

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