Fido Fabulous: Learn How To Successfully Housesit Abroad! (Updated)

Accommodations away from home comprise some of the priciest expenses you’ll encounter when traveling.  Can’t afford a hotel?  Usually, that means you can’t afford a vacation.  If your plans to travel internationally are flexible, and you can prove you’re a responsible person, have I got an incredible suggestion for you!

Fido Fabulous Housesitting Abroad

Homeowners around the world are looking for mature, responsible house sitters to care for their property in exchange for free accommodations.  And what accommodations they are.  As just a few examples of the housesitting availability “situations” that come up on my social media feeds over the last several months, I am seeing gorgeous suburban mansions with refreshing swimming pools, luxury townhouses in the middle of vivacious London, and even a breathtaking hillside Swiss chalet.  The possibilities are endless!

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