Wings Up! The Young Eagles Experience for Future Pilots

Young Eagles Flight for 8-17 year olds

Nothing will ever equal that moment of exhilaration which filled my whole being when I felt myself flying away from the earth. It was not mere pleasure; it was perfect bliss…”  — Prof. Jacques Alexandre Cesare Charles

Fly along with me; I can’t quite make it alone.  I try to make this life my own.” – Foo Fighters

Soaring with the Young Eagles

Like many children (and professors and rock stars), my 14-year-old daughter, Holland, dreams of becoming a pilot.

This morning, for the very first time and with the grown ups’ permission, she took over the controls and flew a plane.

A real one.

In the sky.

…and landed safely, thank goodness!


Soaring with the Young Eagles
The Runway Beckons!

And now she is more hooked than ever before on her aviation career prospects.

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