Six Times You Need Audiobooks While Traveling

Why do I love Audiobooks, especially for travelers?


Cheap airlines are springing up every day.  Remember how flyers would bemoan the sad food, lack of seat pitch, and fellow travelers reclining into their face?  Their plaintive cries sullied the joys of flying, even as far back as when virtually the only airlines in the American skies were the so-called legacy carriers (United, Delta, American).

Well nowadays, discount, bare bones US carriers such as Allegiant, Spirit and Frontier are growing by leaps and bounds.  Their growth, however, has not exactly been predicated on five-star, top drawer service.  If you don’t like “sad food,” well guess what?  You’ll get none, anyway.  Seat pitch?  Hope your kneecaps bend backwards.  Reclining seats?  What, you want the flight attendants to tuck you in, too?!

Airline passengers
No seatback entertainment for YOU!

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