11/4/2017 – Just published my Indy diatribe and am frothing at the mouth to visit the city after extensive research about the fun stuff to do there.  I was surprised how much of the city is devoted to sports, kinda like Nashville is to music or Oklahoma City is to beef!  No complaints.  It’s great that you don’t have to be a spectator of sport to enjoy all there is to do there.  They really welcome would-be sports participants too!

Next up – part 2 of my Au Pair series!

11/10/17 –  I’m thrilled to present a really neat way to pursue higher ed abroad.  Study Bridge is a German program allowing promising non-native STEM high schoolers an opportunity to study for nearly no money in a German University.   In an effort to thoroughly prepare such students to successfully matriculate into the German college of their choice, Study Bridge students get the chance to learn German and immerse themselves in German education, life and culture.  A win/win for all involved!

Also trying to squeeze in the time to traipse around the country to bolster my entries into the list of American destinations.  A warm weather destination is definitely in the works this winter – Phoenix, perhaps?  I’m about to publish Chicago, but I’m not too keen on setting foot there again until winter ends.

Biking Chicago Skyline

11/12/2017Chicago has DROPPED!  There is simply an incredible number of things to do in this fantastic city.  Entire websites are devoted to Chicago tourism, and I am not in a way to reinvent that wheel.  What I did want to do is find the creme de la creme of three categories of primo Chicago tourism: its museums (many of which are THE best in the world in their niche), its powerful skyline, and its sports heritage.  I hope I did right by the city and its teen visitors.

11/16/2017 – A late autumn cold snap seems to have finally shooed away the last remnants of summer, 2017 here in southwest Ohio.  I have TONS of vacation time but can’t set my mind to decide on any specific destination or date to travel.  I did promise my mom I’d try to visit her in Tucson yet again, and the bonus here would be a stop in the greater Phoenix area to visit my BFF Mindy and her darling kids.  Phoenix is in bad need of a write-up, anyway.  I even think I mentioned that a few days ago, LOL.  Hmmm!

Anyway I hope everyone enjoys learning more about the amazing Semester at Sea program, which I just posted today.  The finishing touches on Dayton are underway!  What should I write up next?

11/18/2017 –  Learning of Semester at Sea student fatalities (which fortunately have been very, very rare) got me thinking about the risk of overseas travel.  Thankfully spending time abroad for study, short-term work or just plain fun is usually safe, provided the traveler maintain a minimal level of common sense at all times.  Finding myself usually woefully deficient in the common sense department, I find it rather remarkable that I have survived several forays abroad with nothing amiss but a much lighter wallet.  It seemed timely to share some safe travel recommendations of literature that is both informative and entertaining.  As always, your suggestions on what to write about are most welcome!  Perhaps you’d care to contribute, yourself? 🙂

11/24/2017 – I hope all my readers had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  Due to a cold I can’t shake, even with the four-day weekend I haven’t been cranking out new goodies like I wanted to.  I did, however, just post a great youth arts study program I found, Spoleto Study Abroad.  I was pleased to find some “A” to balance out the STEM in Germany program – and thus make some Totally Teen Travel STEAM!

Spoleto, Italy, home of Spoleto Study Abroad
Beautiful, historic town of Spoleto

Now, STEM in Germany, despite taking up several years of a student’s time, was very low cost.  The arts summer in Italy?  More than my kid’s braces.  Sadly, there are no grants or scholarships offered to study in Spoleto.  I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with some ideas to help unburden the cost of some of these pricy but amazing study abroad programs.   Illness has turned my brain into fuzz for now, but look for some suggestions in the near future!

12/2/2017 – This has been a trying week.  I just finished up with a very mild but nagging cold.  My daughter’s winter holiday choir concert was a joyful occasion but it was stressful getting her to rehearsals and back.  The week ended with a bout of stomach flu!  As I sit here right now, miniature daggers are duking it out painfully in my belly.

Nevertheless, the website must carry on!  In an attempt to take it somewhat easy, I decided to review and post some videos detailing the history of flight.  This is a great companion for any of you who may travel to Dayton.  Also included are videos about the physics of flight and some of the most heralded airplanes of the past 50 years.  It was a lot of fun to revisit these videos, most of which I’d already seen on cable TV.  In the future and as part of this series about “The Journey” itself, I’m gonna look for videos of tricky piloting along with more of what it’s like actually flying aloft under interesting circumstances.  I just hope I’m not sicker’n a dog then!

12/30/17 – A couple of weeks ago I posted a fun video follow up of AIRPLANES BEHAVING BADLY! that seems to have gotten a few peeks.  The holidays have been stressing this family out, as much as we’ve tried not to let them get to us.  The coup de grace was our heat going out on Christmas morning!  In frosty Ohio, this would not do!

Now that my fingers and brain have thawed out from that harrowing experience, I hope you will enjoy my new post on exploring the possibility of teaching English abroad.  (You can probably make a good living teaching English in your own town, heck, in your own living room – but what fun would that be? LOL)  I will follow this up shortly with a very intriguing program that will give you practical experience teaching English without any formal training.  In the meantime, stay warm and have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

1/14/2018 – Posted Dallas last week.  This very popular destination due to its having served as an airline hub for several decades now, first at Dallas Love Field and now at DFW International Airport.  (Don’t you think “Love Field” must be the world’s most romantically named airport?).  Naturally everybody’s been to one or the other airport to change planes, but who has had the good fortune to spend time there?  I found some out-of-this-world attractions to appeal to your adventurous side and I hope you let me know what you do there if you go!  Find me some superlative Mexican food while you’re there, won’t you?

In other news, the pendulum has swung back to world travel and in today’s installment I discuss a great unschooling program called Project World School.  Reading about their upcoming 2018 programs had me wishing to concoct a time machine to be a teen again.  I there were programs like this back in the last millenium when I was a teen I’m certain I would have begged to go on them.  I hope you enjoy and by all means, apply if you agree!

1/28/2018 – On this busy weekend (when the kids are at their winter church retreat!), two posts have dropped!  Despite the lake-effect snow, I’m raring to visit Cleveland, Ohio right this very moment!  Hello, RnRHOF!  Cleveland def rocks!  In addition, last weekend my talented daughter, Holly, and I took a spur-of-the-moment road trip to Columbus Museum of Art, which you can read all about as well.

I have mentioned one current, popular band in particular in both posts – odd, ’cause I wouldn’t recognize them in a police line up to save my life, nor am I at all familiar with their music – totally coincidentally.  Can’t wait til my talented teen artiste figures that one out!  Wishing you warmth and sunshine, I’m out for now!


2/11/2018 – I hope y’ll are enjoying our classy new logo of an adrenaline junky bungee jumping off the Eiffel Tower.  As the artiste, Holland D., noted when I assigned her the task of a new logo, NO ONE is allowed to bungee jump off the famous Parisian tower!  So what was I thinking?  I love a good whimsical design, however, and if any of y’all do manage to bungee jump off the Eiffel Tower I hope you will let me know (so I can go “nyah nyah” to poor Ms Holland!)


Also, another opportunity strikes wherein you may help support this website (at no additional cost to you)!  Totally Teen Travel has created a new affiliate partnership with Go City cards!  Bonus: the attractions they cover are in heavily-touristed cities like Oahu, Vegas, DC, Orlando and more.  Check them out –  click on the banner below and save beaucoup bucks on top museums, tours and much more.  You may even save beaucoup time at attraction entrances – no lines! – yayyyy!!!

Happy Travels!


3/3/2018 – The kids and Ireturned a few days ago from Phoenix and I’ve been excited to share the deets with you all!  Of course a big reason I wanted to go was to warm up, but it was often even colder in Arizona than it was in Ohio.  Them’s the breaks.  It was a fabulous time in the Southwest and I hope if you are reading this, that you get to go some day!



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