Six Times You Need Audiobooks While Traveling

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Why do I love Audiobooks, especially for travelers?


Cheap airlines are springing up every day.  Remember how flyers would bemoan the sad food, lack of seat pitch, and fellow travelers reclining into their face?  Their plaintive cries sullied the joys of flying, even as far back as when virtually the only airlines in the American skies were the so-called legacy carriers (United, Delta, American).

Well nowadays, discount, bare bones US carriers such as Allegiant, Spirit and Frontier are growing by leaps and bounds.  Their growth, however, has not exactly been predicated on five-star, top drawer service.  If you don’t like “sad food,” well guess what?  You’ll get none, anyway.  Seat pitch?  Hope your kneecaps bend backwards.  Reclining seats?  What, you want the flight attendants to tuck you in, too?!

Airline passengers
No seatback entertainment for YOU!

Lucky we still get windows, at least

It should be obvious to point out, then, that today’s discount birds provide no entertainment for the hapless traveler other than the excitement of straining to look out the misaligned windows.

Listen, I can’t bring back gourmet airplane meals, or recline your seat for you.  But I can suggest a great way to stay entertained on vacation.  Go ahead and look out the window, we’ll keep your ears plenty occupied.  Let’s get into bringing your own stellar entertainment — in the form of an Audiobook!

First things first:

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There are six great times to take advantage of reading listening to books on vacation.  Here I share these moments with you along with some highly recommended  listening!

At the airport:

We are told to arrive at the airport two hours ahead of published flight time.  For domestic flights.  If it only takes a few minutes to sashay through the security checkpoint, you’re not left with much to do airside for an extra hour and a half other than shop for overpriced food and souvenirs.  Why not go to your gate, relax, and turn on your audiobook while you wait for your zone to be called?  Dale Carnegie’s wisdom will enable you to be the hero at the gate who refuses to jostle others in the boarding queue.  Make some new friends while you’re at it!


On the plane:

As we mentioned already, you’re likely on your own these days when it comes to keeping your mind busy on board the aircraft.  Especially on a discount carrier; who knows what the airline does to cut corners to keep costs down besides cram passengers into a space barely big enough for an underweight toddler?  Curl up as best you can, close your eyes, and lose yourself in a vortex of suspense.  Your brain will be too busy anticipating the story’s thrilling climax to indulge in any self-inflicted fear of flight.


Flying overseas?  Use this time to brush up on your destination’s language!  Fluent Forever gives you the tools you need to learn virtually any language quickly and easily.  As a former World Languages teacher who can converse in five languages, I can attest that there are wonderful breakthroughs in language-learning methodology anyone can take advantage of, even if high school Spanish was a nightmare.  After listening to this book’s fun and helpful advice, pick up an audiobook to easily teach you the language of your choice!


Girl on bus - audiobook
Buses aren’t real funny, either.

In the car

Taxiing or Ubering to your hotel?  I’m sure your driver is a riot.  Yeah, no.  It’s time to cut loose and go a little wild.  You’re on vacation!   Let the good times roll and let the truly hilarious Andy Cohen of TV’s Bravo channel do the talking!

On the ground

Exploring a locale with an amazing history?  Listen to history books that share a destination’s story WHILE. YOU. ARE. RIGHT. THERE.

Try that with your nose in a book!  Not easy, is it?  But wandering around, hearing the history, and having it all laid out right in front of your admiring eyes?  Congratulations.  You’ve made the adventure a hundred times more meaningful for you.

For example, listen to the dogged determination and unimaginable hardships of the French, Panamanian and American cast of characters behind the construction of the Panama Canal as you traverse its storied locks.  David McCullough is a masterful biographer, and I promise when you finish the book you’ll set your sights on the Panamanian isthmus in no time, flat.

Or, take a trip to the Eternal City.  Why not do what the Romans do: ponder the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire while traipsing along its centuries-old Coliseum ruins?  You get the idea!  And stick around a while.  This is quite a lengthy story!


No thinking, please, I’m on vacation!

Alternatively, go low brow and relax.  You’ve earned it!  Enjoy a steamy romance while basking in serious rays on the beach (please, use an SPF with a minimum of 50!  The only thing on fire should be your dreams of the hunky protagonist, not your skin!).

 What is your favorite Audiobook, or Audiobook genre, when you travel?  Let me know in the comments!

Reminder: Sign up NOW to get two FREE Audiobooks from Audible, an Amazon company.  Click on the banner below to get started with your free trial and free $15 credit towards Prime Now!:

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31 thoughts on “Six Times You Need Audiobooks While Traveling

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  1. Looking forward to getting on the road in our RV and grabbing some audiobooks to listen to. I’m much better at listen to someone read to me than actually sitting down and reading myself.

  2. I always have an audio book going while I am in the car! It makes running errands so much more pleasant. I have loved many audio books, Jim Dale is my favorite narrator. Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter is a great audio book.

  3. One of my biggest downfalls with reading is that I fall asleep LOL! Do you find that audiobooks hold your attention more than turning pages?

    1. Jamie, I’m going to start an experiment here soon to check on just that! If anyone else has better luck with one type of book over the other, I hope they will chime in!

  4. Audiobooks and vacations just go together. I love audiobooks and the amazon deal sounds like a good one. I must check the selection of titles.

  5. We don’t travel all the much (ah hem, farm), but I keep hearing about the wonder of audiobooks! They seem to be all the rage right now. Will have to try them out. I certainly do enough driving in the car (ah hem, teenagers).

  6. An audiobook is such a great idea I never thought of while traveling. You’re always waiting somewhere and it’s nice to have something to listen to to pass the time with. My daughter would enjoy listening to a story with me so I’ll have to get two sets of headphones lol

  7. I am really starting to warm up to audio books. I love to read but in this busy world it’s hard to keep up!

  8. All I ever listened to on an audio book was Italian for Beginners! I know…I am a nerd! I always wanted to learn Italian, though! 🙂 I have to try to do something just for pleasure…that doesn’t necessarily involve working or learning! 🙂

  9. I can’t help but think about all the books I could have listened to if Audible existed my young, traveling days. What a shame. At least I can pick up from here and share with my kids, right? 🙂

  10. I always travel with Audio books. They are wonderful to help pass time and just relax. Audible and I are BFF’s!

  11. Oh I so miss the glory days of airplane travel. I am thankful I don’t fly for work anymore. And when I do travel it’s in the car with five children. No way we are going to an airport! LOL! We usually do audios for the children to keep them engaged during long drives. But thanks for the reminder. Maybe next time hubby and I will get some audios for us.

  12. I have a 50 minute drive every morning and 1 1/2 drive in the afternoon. I am able to get through so many books because of my Audible subscription.

  13. Great post! I’m a huge fan of audio books! Throughout the year I read books that are very informational and serve a utilitarian purpose, so when I travel or vacation I like to get a good mystery going!

  14. I love audiobooks but I cannot listen to one with my daughter around. I remember trying to listen to a book when I was on a flight with her last year and I had to shut if off because she kept talking to me. She had a bunch of activities but wanted to talk to me the whole time anyway. So now I just listen when I’m driving alone.

  15. haha basically “always.” I love audiobooks because I have small children and they’re a great way to get in reading when I’m in the car alone. My current audio book is Judgment Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein. Next up something by Brene Brown. I’m doing a whole self help literature year.

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