Objects Are Closer Than They Appear (Your Totally Teen Travel Guide)

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For U.S. destination descriptions and suggestions, check out the links on the right sidebar menu → (below, if you’re on your cell).


Want to travel internationally?  Visit our articles on becoming a Foreign Exchange Student and becoming an Au Pair.

What do the little icon thingies mean in front of the attraction descriptions?


SeasonalHey, four seasons and year-round attractions don’t mix sometimes; thus, the seasonal snowflake was born.  Few folks would want to visit a theme park in the winter; most theme parks, recognizing this, do close in the cooler climes in the colder weather.  If in doubt whether a seasonal attraction is open, be sure to check it out online first!


TranspoNot your minivan momma’s mode of transportation.  If it’s a cool boat, bike, segway, business class camel hump, time machine, etc., you’ll be alerted with this icon.



MiscellaneousThe question mark of mystery denotes an attraction that simply doesn’t fit in a neat pigeonhole.  Get intrigued!  Read the description already!




OutdoorsHit the great outdoors when you see this icon associated with a featured attraction.




IndoorsIt’s sad and all, but sometimes a little fresh air is just too much to handle.  In this case, hit the attraction associated with this icon, which represents the great indoors.



CultureI know you young whippersnappers are all into your videogames and hipster affectations of ennui.  However!  This jauntily stretched music note indicates a cultural attraction that you will miss missing if you miss it.  Art, music, theatre… if it’s food for your chicken-soup soul, you’ll find it here.


Good eatin'I’m guessing all but the most stridently life-long vegans amongst you can figure out what this succulent turkey leg represents.  Do yourself a favor while you saunter away from home and try the food!  Try the food!  TRY!  THE!  FOOD!



Many, many thanks to my in-house artiste, Holland D., for the icon art!


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