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Traveling so often means feeding our soul but killing our feet.  If you’ve ever dreaded a slow amble through a museum or quaint shopping plaza, wondering if your FitBit pedometer is going to explode from overuse, you know exactly what I mean.

Ladies who want to look GOOD while traveling have it even tougher.  High heels, while stylish, are so uncomfortable to stand in for any length of time!  Walking?  Dancing?  Okay… but get the local podiatrist on speed dial first, honey!

Luckily I found a way to mitigate the horrors of high heels!  The Tree of Life Company sells these awesome high heel cushion pads that insert directly into your footwear.  Like a feather soft, tiny pillow in your shoe, they cradle and comfort the ball of your foot to help minimize the extra pressure on it.  I credit the soft gel within the anatomically designed pad for all the comfort!

The Tree of Life Company Ball of Foot Support Cushion Pads
Such a cute package!
Expertly designed to cushion your tootsies

As you can see from the photo above, the cushion pads come to you in these cute tulle bags wrapped in slender black ribbon — all ready to be given as a great gift for your stylish girlfriends!  They even come with two complete sets of inserts, so you can use them in two sets of shoes.  I shared a pair with my teen daughter to see what she thought.

My daughter, inserting them in her sandals, below, loved them, too!  Heck, even the cat wanted in on the action :-).

Although the pad will minimally show through if you look closely at your foot while wearing high heeled sandals, the cushions don’t detract from the fashion.  Ladies, these little guys truly help keep the pain at bay.  You can peel the underside of the pads and stick them permanently to the bottom of your shoes; you KNOW they’ll stay put.


Ball of Foot Support Cushion Pads from The Tree of Life Company
The cat wants to be fashionable too! (Pad not yet made to stick to bottom of sandal)

With pads firmly in place in my high heeled boots, I hit the local “Food Barn” and walked up and down the buffet line many, many times in search of good food.  My pads kept my metatarsals from begging for mercy.  I loved how soft, pliant and supportive my feet felt!  I could have walked for miles!

Lookin’ good, but feelin’ good too

Please don’t suffer in silence any longer, my stalwart, high heeled friends.  Check these awesome support cushion pads out today and let me know what YOU think!

Is it just me, or are cattle class main cabin seats just a wee bit uncomfortable for more than maybe a half hour flight?  Just sitting, in general, in too wrong of a chair and it’s that dreaded upper back pain time.  Having a non-existent chiropractor at my beck and call, I had to turn to the next best thing to help alleviate the ache.

TOwISH supplies these small but effective back braces for anyone who’s posture due to sitting too long puts them at risk for serious upper back pain.  (*ahem* *ahem* teenagers slouched over their iPhones for hours on end *ahem* *ahem*!!!)

TOwISH back brace
Earbuds and back brace… I’m stylin’!

The brace can be worn inside or outside your clothing, and its function is to gently pull your shoulders back, keeping your posture upright.  You only have to wear it 15-20 minutes per day.  In about a week or so, “muscle memory” takes over and keeps your shoulders pulled back without you even thinking about it.  And you hopefully even forget you had upper back problems in the first place!

The brace is fully adjustable to boot.  It’s a little awkward to put on at first, but once you get the hang of it thanks to the included instructions, it’s easy to place the velcro straps anywhere you need to for the brace to conform to your upper body.

TOwISH slouching and straight

Here’s my daughter, demonstrating how the brace can help improve your posture.  She’s wearing it in both pictures, but the straps on the left weren’t tightened yet.

You have better things to do on your journeys than suffer with upper back pain.  Give TOwISH’s awesome back brace a try!


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